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2017 Conference


The C. G. Jung Psychology and Spirituality Conference

Nature and the Soul: Cultivating a Partnership with the Wholeness of All
Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA
June 9 - June 16, 2017

Western man lacks conscious recognition of his inferiority to the nature around him and within him. He must learn that he cannot do exactly as he wills. He does not know that his own soul is rebelling against him in a suicidal way. (CW11, 869-870).

Nature and Psyche are one, yet humanity is in a wounded relationship with Nature. It is when we forget that we are a part of Nature that we may go against it. Jung felt that humanity is in danger of losing all contact with the instincts and that this is largely responsible for the problems of contemporary culture (CW18, 1494).

We need to turn inward in order to reconnect with our own nature, which is a part of all of Nature. Jung felt the best ways to do this were to get in touch with the earth in a concrete way and to develop our relationship with images, creative fantasy, and our own shadow material. It is our dreams that point us toward our kinship with all of Nature because they are pure nature. In addition, it is the body and our affects and instincts which connect us with Soul, and thus with Nature.

Join us in Santa Fe, New Mexico June 9-16, 2017. Here in the “Land of Enchantment” you are invited to step aside from the demands of your external life and in a beautiful retreat setting turn inward in order to cultivate a partnership with the wholeness of Nature. Through didactic and experiential encounters we will seek a deeper relationship with Nature at both individual and collective levels.

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