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"Becoming who we are: individuation as a spiritual quest"

June 20 - July 2, 2015
Einsiedeln, Switzerland
30th Anniversary of the Conference

The Einsiedeln Conference was born out of a dream and experience. Father Jim Wolff wanted to offer a conference which would interweave the psychology of Carl Jung and spirituality. After living in Zurich, his experience of the value of being near Zurich, having Jungian analyst from Switzerland lecture, and soaking in the atmosphere of Switzerland, made him pursue his dream of forming a conference. In co-ordination with the Pecos Monastery near Santa Fe, NM, the first conference was held in Einsiedeln in 1985. Since then the conference has met yearly, providing an atmosphere of learning, retreat and personal enrichment. The conference is a non-profit corporation with Sr. Kay Wagner as the director, guided by a Board of Directors. Over the 30 years of its existence, the conference has engaged hundreds of people in a psychological and spiritual reflection of their lives.

The mission of the C. G. Jung Conference (Einsiedeln) is to break open the psychological works of C.G. Jung, taking into account the spiritual questions of life.

The Conference provides an opportunity to explore the integration of Jungian Psychology and spirituality by means of in-depth lectures by Jungian Analysts, creative expression, rituals, and excursions to sites that enhance the experience of the world of C.G. Jung and his homeland of Switzerland.